The special tax, called Proposition B, was approved by voters in the November 2016 election by a 79% affirmative vote, as allowed by California Government Code Section 50075. Proposition B was first effective with the 2017-2018 tax year, and is to have a duration of 15 years. The first year tax bills were mailed in September 2017 by the San Francisco Tax Collector.

This parcel tax is levied on all parcels within City College’s boundaries, which includes all of San Francisco. The parcel tax is calculated at a flat rate of $99 per parcel. Your county Property Tax bill includes a line item for this special tax. The funds generated by this tax will be used to maintain and enhance the quality of education at City College campuses, including core academics, workforce training, university preparation, libraries and technology.

Exemption Application:

There are no senior or low income exemptions, as state law does not provide for such exemptions. Certain non-profit and religious institutions may have the tax waived.  There is a “Contiguous Parcels Exemption” for parcels that meet ALL of the criteria below:

  1.  Are contiguous (i.e., the parcels share a common border); and
  2. Have identical legal ownership; and
  3. Make actual use of all the contiguous parcels as one residential unit.

The deadline has passed to apply. Please contact us closer to February/March 2024 at 800.676.7516 or email us at customercare@nbsgov.com for information about the application regarding the 2024/25 tax year.

Links for more information:

If you think your parcel was levied in error, or have further questions, email us with details at customercare@nbsgov.com or call 800.676.7516