Areas to be Improved

The acquisitions and improvements to be maintained, improved, and serviced by the assessments include parklands, trails, and related parkland access improvements throughout the District. The District improvements are generally as follows:

  1. Marsh Creek Trail – 7.74 miles – Big Break Trail to Creekside Park:
    The Creekside Park to Cypress Road portion of this trail is 6.54 miles long and was opened in phases from December 1992 to 1997. Construction costs for the first phase (Cypress Road to Dainty Avenue) were $775,000 for the trail and $260,000 for bridges. In 2001, the operation of the Dainty Avenue to Balfour Road section of the trail was transferred to the EBRPD from the City of Brentwood. The 0.5 mile Balfour Road to Creekside Park portion of the trail was built by subdivision developers in 1996/97 and opened in 1997. Beginning in Fiscal Year 2005/06, the EBRPD has maintained responsibility for a trail tunnel beneath O’Hara Avenue and a tunnel beneath Sand Creek Road. The EBRPD expects to maintain a 9/10 mile extension to the Delta Shoreline Trail after completion of a restoration project.
    The Cypress Road to Delta Shoreline portion is 1.2 miles long and opened May 31, 1997, with a construction cost of $421,000 for the trail and railroad underpass.
  2.  Delta/De Anza Trail – Approximately 3.5 miles – Cypress Road to Neroly Road:
    The Cypress Road to Neroly Road portion of the trail is about 2.5 miles long and opened June 1, 1996, with a construction cost of $355,000 (trail and screen fencing). The Hillcrest to Ridgeline segment opened 2007/08 and added one additional mile of trail. The one mile section of trail between Ridgeline and Neroly Road was completed and opened in 2014.
  3. Big Break Trail – 1.7 miles – Jordan Lane to Big Break Bridge:
    The Marsh Creek Bridge to Jordan Lane section of trail, which opened in 1998, is 1.7 miles in length and cost $525,000 to construct. Additionally, a trail from Big Break Road to the flood control channel has been constructed and is being maintained.
  4. ECCC Trails Service Yard – Adjacent to the Iron Horse Sanitation District facilities in Oakley:
    The Iron Horse Sanitation District Plant (IHSD) in Oakley opened September of 1994. The EBRPD acquired land from IHSD nearby for a permanent service yard which was completed in 2003. The ECCC Service Yard provides necessary support for the continued growth of the District Trails and Park Program.
  5.  Vasco Caves Regional Preserve
    This 750 acre property was acquired by the Contra Costa Water District and the EBRPD in 1997/98 at a cost of $1,360,000 and is currently maintained by the EBRPD. It opened in 1999/2000 for public use by reservation only. An additional 617 acres were acquired on December 23, 2004, at an additional cost of $2,961 600. There is also a security residence at this location.
  6. Round Valley Regional Preserve
    The Purviance property of 1,165 acres was acquired in 1995 at a cost of $2,058,500. The Aswad property of 160 acres was acquired in April of 1996 at a cost of $224,000. The Cowell property was leased to the EBRPD in 1996 and opened in 1998. The construction cost of staging area and access was $921,500. There are 3.2 miles of trail. An additional 45 acres was added on January 31, 2000, at a cost of $313,250. There is also a security residence at this location. A group camp site, which may be reserved, opened in 2007, and a bridge was installed in 2012 to complete the loop trail.
  7. Delta Access
    The EBRPD acquired the Fallman property on June 20, 2002, at a cost of $1,500,000. The property is 276 acres in size and is located adjacent to the Werner Dredger Cut, east of Knightsen, in the Orwood Tract. The property is currently in agricultural use and will be kept in land bank status until funding is obtained for the development and operation of a delta access facility. An additional 90 acres of Delta access known as the Aginson Prime property was acquired in September of 2013 at a cost of $1,165,000. The purchase price included a security residence and a dock that may eventually allow small boat access to the Delta. The District is participating in the replacement of the Orwood Bridge, which crosses the Dredger Cut adjacent to the Fallman property. The new bridge will include a segment of the Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail. In January 2016, at a cost of $6,072,000, the District acquired the 646 acre Nunn property to provide a key opportunity to protect and restore rare delta habitat.
Description of Improvements

The level of operations, maintenance and servicing include, but are not limited to: culvert service and repair, drinking fountains repair, entry structure repair, erosion control, fence repair, fire suppression, inlet, pipeline and outfall service and repair, litter control, mowing, painting, ranger patrol, repaving and crack repair, rest room maintenance, sign maintenance, stair tread repair, tree and shrubbery trimming and removal, weed abatement, landscaping, grading and soil preparation. The operations, maintenance and service include personnel, electrical energy, and utilities such as water, materials, contractual services, administrative costs and other items as necessary. All work will be performed to an acceptable standard and in accordance with applicable safety, environmental, aesthetic and building standards and regulations. Any plans for these improvements will be filed with the EBRPD

Exemption Applications:

A low-income senior discount is available for each fiscal year. Applications are due by June 30 of each calendar year (for the next fiscal year). To qualify for a low-income senior discount, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Applicant must be 62 years of age or older; and
  2. The property tax bill must be in applicant’s name or spouse’s name; and
  3. Applicant must be sole user of the facilities, except for your spouse and/or legal dependent; and
  4. Applicant’s maximum household gross income cannot exceed:

The deadline has passed to apply. Please contact us closer to February/March 2024 at 800.676.7516 or email us at customercare@nbsgov.com for information about the application regarding the 2024/25 tax year.

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