Measure T is a special tax of $68, levied on all taxable parcels within the Jefferson Elementary School District. The special tax will be levied for a period of nine years and will be used to maintain and enhance quality education within the District. This special parcel tax will appear on your San Mateo County property tax bill.

Exemption Application:

Any owner of a parcel used solely for single-family residential purposes may be eligible for an exemption from this special tax if they meet one of these requirements:

  1. You have attained age 65 prior to July 1 of the applicable year, or
  2. Are receiving Supplemental Security Income benefits for a disability, or
  3. Are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

Specific details are included in the application, which can be downloaded and filled out here: Exemption Application

Or, please contact us at 800.676.7516 or email us at customercare@nbsgov.com for a copy of the application. Applications are due by June 16, 2023.

More Information:

If you think your parcel was levied in error, or have further questions, email us with details at customercare@nbsgov.com or call 800.676.7516