The special tax, called Measure S, was approved by voters in the June 7th, 2016 election by a 70% affirmative vote. This meets the demands of State law for such a special tax, which requires a two-thirds approval. Measure S is effective with the 2016-2017 tax year, and is to have a duration of 30 years. The first year tax bills will be mailed in Fall 2016 by the Santa Cruz County Tax Collector.

This special tax is levied on all Developed Property within the Santa Cruz Public Libraries District boundary which encompasses all of Santa Cruz County except the City of Watsonville. These special tax funds will repair, upgrade, and modernize the local library facilities in Santa Cruz, Aptos, Live Oak, Scott’s Valley, Boulder Creek, Capitola, Felton, and La Selva Beach.

As required by law, the Authority prepared and recorded a document called a Notice of Special Tax Lien in the real property records of the County against the parcels (not owners) in the Community Facilities District. The recorded notice secures the payment of the special tax, and provides notice to future property purchasers that a special tax has been levied and is a lien against the property. When property transfers, the lien through title stays with the land and remains the responsibility of the new property owner.

The Measure S special tax is calculated at a rate of $49.50 per residential unit, and $86.00 per agricultural, commercial, industrial, and recreational parcel (for Developed Properties only). Your county Property Tax bill includes a line item for this special tax. The actual tracking of parcel data and the calculations are done by the Special Tax Administrator, which is a private company called NBS.


There is no senior exemption, and no low income exemption associated with this special tax.

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